Comfy Home Tenants

We believe we are the top house share provider in Peterborough, and we have achieved that through our ability to provide quality housing. However, it takes character to stay at the top, and as you will have seen through the other pages on this site, we've put a lot of effort into making our houses the best in the area. We are however, not complacent. To stay at the top, we know we have to concentrate on the most important aspect in this business, and that's you, the tenants!.

You will see through some of the testimonials on this site that our tenants are very happy with our service. We do this by listening to you, responding to your needs and providing you with the kind of quality furnishings we'd be happy with ourselves.

Many of our house mates go on to become great friends, even after they've left our tenancy and moved on in the world. We hope that this is a testiment to the effort we put in to creating a fantastic place for you to live.
Luxury Lounge One of the most important aspects of house sharing are your fellow house mates. You need to know that they are friendly, courteous and respectful.

At Comfy Home, we take this worry away by insisting on good references and stable employment from everyone who wishes to come and stay at one of our houses.
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