Comfy Home Testimonials

We would like to thank all of our tenants that have been singing our praises and contributed to this page.

We take great pride in our houses, putting a lot of effort into ensuring you have the best accommodation possible. It means a lot to us when our tenants take the time to write to us to tell us how we're doing.

So don't take our word for it, see what our tenants are saying about us.
"I moved in a couple of months ago and found them professional, understanding & caring from the Start. Carole the house manager is brilliant if you have any problems or issues. She's always at the end of phone and able to help."
Name withheld

"I recently moved in within the past month. Since I have been here I have found the cohesion within the house is very comforting. I have been welcomed by the existing housemates whilst enjoying the comforts and luxuries of this elegant six bedroom house.

I am very excited about the opportunities that the house has provided and I am certainly pleased with the choice of accommodation I have chosen

I would recommend this to anyone who is contemplating moving to Peterborough. The house manager, named Carole, has a superb repoure with the existing housemates and this emerged after only one visit and has flourished throughout my residency. Carole has organised everything to a high standard and has made my move here a lot less daunting and enjoyable experience."
Joshua Hartle

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